Press Release: Summer 2023

New Peer-Reviewed Online Teaching Practices Added to Open Repository

Orlando, Florida, US – August 2023 – The editors of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) are pleased to announce 20 peer-reviewed entries accepted for publication from the Spring 2023 Call for Submissions. TOPR is an open platform for online/blended faculty and instructional designers to connect, find inspiration, and collaboratively contribute innovative online teaching strategies.

Entries were received from faculty and designers in multiple disciplines from various institutions. The 20 selected entries represent a diversity of approaches to designing online content, engagement activities, and assessments of learning.

The selected entries published as a result of the Spring 2023 Call for Submissions appear below.

Ait Maalem Lahcen, R., & Mohapatra, R. Incorporating a Success Module in Precalculus Algebra to Face Post-Pandemic Challenges.

Alavi, M., & Schmohl, T. A New Paradigm: Addressing Complex Challenges with Transdisciplinary Skills.

Butulis, M. Capture Student Attention with a Digital Writing Makeover.

Butulis, M. Five Quick Content Revisions to Enhance Online Student Experience Before the Course Start.

Butulis, M. Leveraging Lecture Passwords to Humanize your Online Course.

Cachia, C. Implement “Biographical Disruption” as an Anchor for Critical Reflection in Online Learning.

Chandler, T. Create Weekly Introduction Videos to Facilitate Successful Course Navigation.

Comer, M. Who We Are: Building Community in an Online Class, One Meme at a Time.

D’Anna, B., Boyd, B., Levitt, C. (2023). Trebian’s Model – Replacing Traditional Textbooks with Technology Resources.

Davidson, S. Bringing Roleplays into the Online Course Environment by Writing Scripts.

Eadens, D.W., & Eadens, D.M. Demystifying Statistics for Doctoral Students in Education Using Collaborative Whiteboards.

Edwards, K., Fallucca, A., & Frass, L. Apply the DEAL Model of Critical Reflection in Blogs to Maximize Student Learning.

Khazra, N. Facilitating Scaffolding and Team Projects in Non-Computer Science Courses with GitHub Classroom.

Longo, C., & Tsvelikhovskiy, B. Lightboard Lecture Pedagogy and Best Practices.

Matwick, K., & Matwick, K. Build Community Through Food Poetry.

McKenzie, M. Use Green Screens to Increase Engagement.

McNulty, R., Greenwood, E., & Fazzalari, R. Use Large Language Models to Simulate Professional Roleplaying as Opportunity for Authentic Assessment.

Mullen-Davis, M. Encouraging Transparency and Accountability for Group Oral Presentations.

Thomson, H. Enhance Collaborative Online Learning and Skill Building with Learning Activities Using Shared Templates.

Younes, M. Metaverses a Platform for Teaching Communication Courses.

Dr. Aimee deNoyelles, Managing Editor
Sue Bauer
Shelly Wyatt

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