Use Mobile Devices for Experiential Learning in Applicable Disciplines

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Using mobile devices for class activities to give students hands-on experience with applications they may use in their professional career. A wide-range of mobile applications (apps) have been created specifically for discipline-specific activities or may be adapted easily for such purposes.

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  • Instructor: Rick Brunson, University of Central Florida
  • Course Title: JOU 2100 News Reporting
  • Activity title: Going “Mojo’’
  • Description: This is the basic, required course for Journalism majors and Magazine Journalism minors. It’s an elective open to anyone who has met the department’s grammar proficiency requirement. The course usually consists of two-thirds journalism majors/magazine journalism minors and about one-third of students from other majors from across the university who take it as an elective. This is a mixed-mode course that meets for 2.5 hours once per week. The rest of the content is taught online through Canvas. Class size is 17-20 students. This is a hands-on group exercise designed to give students some experience reporting from the field using their mobile device. Students act as digital reporters, or in industry parlance – “mojos’’ – a short term for “mobile journalists.’’ Students use their Web-enabled smartphone to gather information in the field about a timely newsworthy topic – called a “mobile feed’’ — and then email it back to the newsroom where a designated editor or producer collects the feeds and assembles them into a text-and-photo Web-based news story for posting at our Knightly News site.
  • Link to lesson plan: File:Lesson Plan for JOU2100 News Reporting.pdf
  • Link to student sample:

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