Press Release Fall 2015



New Online Teaching Practices Added to Open Repository

Orlando, Florida, US – Feb 19, 2016 – The editors of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) are pleased to announce the new entries accepted for publication from the Fall 2015 TOPR Call for Submissions. Entries were received from faculty and designers in multiple disciplines from various institutions throughout the US and beyond. The fourteen selected entries represent a diversity of approaches to designing online content, engagement activities, and assessments of learning.

TOPR is an open platform for online/blended faculty and instructional designers to connect, find inspiration, and collaboratively contribute innovative online teaching strategies. Each TOPR entry is licensed for remixing under a Creative Commons license to maximize adoption and adaptations. TOPR is open to the world at:
The selected entries published as a result of the fall 2015 call for submissions appear below (alphabetical by last name of first author):

Dr. Kelvin Thompson and Dr. Baiyun Chen of the University of Central Florida are co-managing editors of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR).

View all TOPR entries via the Pedagogical Practices listing on the TOPR website.


Kelvin Thompson and Baiyun Chen

TOPR Managing Editors