Use Group Evaluation to Assess Group Work

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In team-based learning, students work in groups on outcome-based or problem-based assignments. Assessing the work produced by teams, however, presents a significant challenge, and this difficulty is especially prominent in online environments. Developing and implementing a transparent assessment process that both supports and recognizes individual and group learning can generate a powerful combination of interdependency and peer cooperation. Online assessment tools that evaluate both individual and group effort support this dynamic, fostering the reliance on community that is becoming an increasingly important feature of the online academic landscape.

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Group Evaluation Form I

  • Instructor: UCF’s Dr. Donna Frazee
  • TSL4080: Theory and Practice of Teaching ESOL Students in Schools
  • Evaluation (Assessment tool): All members are held accountable and responsible for finished product. The more positive and supportive the feedback usually results in a more enhanced and thorough product. Should a member not be able to participate by an pre-established date, another member (group role) will send the student and instructor a course mail message (e.g. the team regrets he/she was unable to participate, informing student the team must move forward and his/her assigned work has been re-distributed amongst active members, and student must contact instructor regarding his/her situation).
  • After group has completed project, c lass review occurs over the following week. A a designated member (group role) from the team will download a copy of team’s product (from the web) and post in a class discussion link for other members to view/read and post a reflection (question(s) prompts determined by instructor and placed in instructions).
  • Each group member is required to assess his/her performance and the performance of peers. Paragraph questions at end focus on:
  1. what the student (one completing the evaluation) could have done, and
  2. will do in future projects to ensure success. (Many times this helps the student see that an obsessive control does not generate the best result.)

Peer Evaluation Form: File:PeerEval.pdf

Group Evaluation Form II

  • Instructor: UCF’s Dr. Baiyun Chen
  • EME6613: Instructional Systems Design
  • At the end of each team assignment, students are to evaluate each team member (including themselves) in terms of work quality, responsibility, interpersonal skills, attitude and contribution. The median (the middle number) score will be used to calculate each member’s teamwork score. Each evaluation is worth 50pts. If any of the team member does not contribute at all to the project, he/she will get a zero point for the team work .

Peer Evaluation Form: File:PeerEval2.pdf

Group Evaluation Form III

Group work evaluation form:

Link to scholarly reference(s)

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