Create Modules to Organize Content

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The first step in developing an instructional strategy is to identify a teaching sequence and manageable groupings of content (Dick, Carey, & Carey. 2005). One way to sequence and group content in your online course is to create modules. A module is a unit or section of material within your course that organizes and presents content and outlines the learning activities and assessments for students over a certain period of time. Modules may be one week in length or a longer time period (e.g., units, chapters) and may be centered around a theme or a specific topic.

Modules typically include objectives, an introduction, content (e.g., text, images, web links, videos), activities, graded assignments, and assessments. Creating consistent modules throughout the course will improve the design of your online course by making it well-organized, easy to navigate, and provide structure for your students (Rubric for Online Instruction, 2009).

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