Staci Trekles

Anastasia (Staci) TreklesDr. Anastasia (Staci) Trekles is a clinical professor and the Director of Learning Technologies at Purdue University North Central in Westville, Indiana. Dr. Trekles has an extensive background with educational technology, including design and pedagogical strategies as well as the effective integration of various technologies into teaching. Her specialty area is instructional design for online learning and technology integration, and in addition to providing professional development and mentorship for other faculty, she has taught a wide array of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in these areas, both in-classroom and via distance education. Dr. Trekles is the author of the textbook, Putting People First: Human Issues in Instructional Technology (available at the Amazon Kindle Store), and has spent much of her career working toward understanding and teaching others how to employ universal and accessible design practices into online learning materials.

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