Dr. Danielle M. Pratt

Dr. Danielle M. Pratt joined the Interdisciplinary Studies faculty in Fall 2019 as lead faculty for the Integrated General Studies courses and has taught in Higher Education since 2005. She holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Education (foci: Criminology, Special Education, & Mass Communications) from the University of South Florida (USF). Her other graduate work includes two Master’s degrees, one in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and one in Special Education from USF. She holds a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications from USF. After working in public schools as a special education teacher, she served as a Professor of Special Education and the Coordinator of a dual major (Special & Elementary Education) program at NAU and in a similar role at St. Petersburg College. Dr. Pratt is a national speaker, published author, and currently researches changing paradigms within education and beyond.