MUL2016 - Evolution of Jazz
Jeffrey Rupert

Module 0: Getting Started

Watch This! Watch the Rupert Introductory Video below.

Overview of Module 0

The purpose of the 0 module is to acquaint you with the procedures for this online course, The Evolution of Jazz.

Watch This! Watch the Rupert video on Modules and Assessments below.

Important things to do in this module:

Do This! Browser Check

Perform a browser check to see if your computer is properly configured to use Webcourses@UCF.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Check Your Browser” link.

Do This! Webcourses@UCF Student Orientation

  1. Click on the Webcourses@UCF Orientation on the course home page and complete the orientation.
  2. After completing the Webcourses@UCF Orientation, take the Student Orientation Assessment located in the Assessments tool. This assessment is not for a grade, but is necessary to take to move on to the course material.
  3. is the link to ask questions for technical help. There is a lot of information here.

Do This! Read the Syllabus and Protocols documents

Within the table of contents of this module, there are links to the syllabus and the protocols documents for this course. Read them carefully, and review them for the module 0 exam. Refer to these documents throughout the semester for information about the course.

Read the Testing and Grading Procedures Page

Read the detailed information regarding the module assessments and grading for this course located on the Testing and Grading Procedures page.

Watch This! Computer Set-up

This course contains a lot of videos. Watch the following Rupert video on computer setup and Quicktime.

Do This! Module 0 Assessment

After reading the Syllabus and protocols pages and all Module 0 content, complete the Module O Assessment located in the Assessments tool.


If you have difficulty completing any of these assignments or need technical help, post a message in the "Technical Help" discussion topic, or refer to the protocols page for making contact for help.

The discussions tool has been included in the course for students to post questions to each other. It is expected that all communication is scholarly in content. All communication is public. Treat this communication in that fashion and be respectful to all in the discussions at all times.