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Welcome to the CDL Pedagogical Repository


Important Links

Pedagogical Practice

Add teaching practices/strategies here. If you have a tool or theory that you would like to add, please add it into Suggested Tags.

Screencast Video Tutorials

Here is a list of video tutorials on how to navigate and contribute to the pedagogical repository.


If you are adding a new pedagogical practice, here is the template page from which you can copy.

Suggested Tags

If you need help to add categories in a pedagogical practice page, here are some suggested tags for your reference. We classify all categories into different types, such as tools, theories.


This is an automatically generated page for all the categories used in the repository. It is like an Index page at the end of a book to help you navigate the repository from key words to practices/strategies.

Instructions on How to Find Information in the Repository

  • All strategies are linked from the Pedagogical Practice section.
  • You can also go to Categories to view all topics.
  • Use the 'search tool on the left menu to search for pedagogical practice.

Instructions on How to Add a New Practice in the Repository

  1. To create a new link to a strategy/tool, please add a descriptive entry on the homepage in the Strategies and Tools section and create a link by bracketing the strategy/tool name: [[strategy/tool name]]
  2. Click on the link to create a new page
  3. Please use the entry template page to create your new page for consistent formatting. Just go to the template:entry page and copy the code into the page you are creating.
  4. For detailed instruction, please refer to Help:Contents.
  5. Suggested Tags page
  6. Scholarly References Collection page

Additional Connections?

  • Connect to Innovative Online Teaching Practice videos
  • Connect to recordings/materials from Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching ("Beyond IDL")
  • Establish/connect to literature resources
  • Repositories from Other Institutions