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Welcome to the CDL Pedagogical Repository


Important Links

Pedagogical Practice

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Suggested Tags

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Instructions on How to Use the Repository

  • All strategies are linked from the Strategies and Tools section.
  • You can also go to Categories to view all topics.
  • Use the 'search tool on the left menu to search for strategies and tools.

Outline format/template for creating new entries.

Instructions on How to Create a new entry in the Repository

  1. To create a new link to a strategy/tool, please add a descriptive entry on the homepage in the Strategies and Tools section and create a link by bracketing the strategy/tool name: [[strategy/tool name]]
  2. Click on the link to create a new page
  3. Please use the entry template page to create your new page for consistent formatting. Just go to the template:entry page and copy the code into the page you are creating.
  4. For detailed instruction, please refer to Help:Contents.
  5. Suggested Tags page
  6. Scholarly References Collection page

Screencasts to Create

  1. Making a new entry using the template
  2. Uploading images (and other artifacts?)
  3. Entering tags (categories)

Additional Connections?

  1. Connect to Innovative Online Teaching Practice videos
  2. Connect to recordings/materials from Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching ("Beyond IDL")
  3. Establish/connect to literature resources