Press Release: Entries from April 2019’s “Mini-Call”


New Online Teaching Practices Added to Open Repository

Orlando, Florida, US – November 18, 2019 – The editors of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) are pleased to announce the new entries accepted for publication from the April 2019 TOPR “Mini-Call” for Submissions. Entries were received from faculty and designers in multiple disciplines from various institutions. The ten selected entries represent a diversity of approaches to designing online content, engagement activities, and assessments of learning.

TOPR is an open platform for online/blended faculty and instructional designers to connect, find inspiration, and collaboratively contribute innovative online teaching strategies. Each TOPR entry is licensed for remixing under a Creative Commons license to maximize adoption and adaptations. TOPR is open to the world at:

The selected entries published as a result of the Spring 2019 mini-call for submissions appear below:

Dr. Aimee deNoyelles, Managing Editor
Ms. Alyssa Albrecht, Ms. Sue Bauer, and Dr. Shelly Wyatt, Editors
University of Central Florida

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